Water Utility Companies

A comprehensive phygital solution for water management systems


Sustain revenue streams for investments into infrastructure.

Increase residual and financial value by tightening the entire water value chain with end-to-end management.

Deploy operations based on a sustainable business model (scalable to any new community or addressable market).

Secure transactions with UtilitY85’s native mobile payment functionalities.

Create jobs for youth, as UtilitY85 ground agents, weaving the fabric of your sustained business

Extract maximum value from the early use of preventative data, for cost-effective utility maintenance.

Regulatory Boards & Municipalities

 Mainstream operations to build water systems of tomorrow

Become a more potent market driver and catalyst for technology penetration.

Achieve strategic foresight from live, granular data and analytics to orient market growth.

Ensure the best social return on investment from customer engagements.

Enable localised decisions to better target investments to modernise water systems.

Control the efficiency of regulation with predictive analytics and reporting.

Securing the production-distribution-marketing-regulation continuum of Benin


A  trust-based knowledge ecosystem transforming the profitability and sustainability for utility companies and water operators  to achieve service efficiency and quality for all.

The UtilitY85 business service platform covers the entire production-distribution-commercialization continuum in the water sector. On every segment of the chain, it capacitates actors with a user-friendly solution allowing direct performance improvement and smoothing of value chain interactions and transactions.

Asset Management

Inventory mappings system securing asset management and planning at optimal granularity.

Water Network

Seamless management solution – from source to tap, with intuitive control on dashboard system. 


Solutions to secure the entire metering-billing-payment chain.

Customer Service

Call centre solutions to increase customer satisfaction and faithfulness.

Reporting Metrics

Management dashboard delivering real-time evaluation from uncontentious data and objectively verifiable metrics.

Access to clean water is a human right,
not a privilege


The mWaterTM platform enables better asset management and service analysis. Impressive scaling has been achieved through balancing a focus on water service providers’ needs, with standardising reporting, implementing each component of the platform in a modular manner, and a public/private cost sharing business model for a financially sustainable service.
World Bank Bénin


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