We improve
water service performance and quality

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

The water industry urgently needs to transition to the post-digital era to build its capacity to meet the challenge of increasing demand, environmental changes and resulting water scarcity.

Reduce non-revenue water to less than 15% by 2030

UtilitY85 is designed as an asset management and water service management tool, linking the complex organization of water functions and departments to enable granular data-driven decision making. Producing advanced data intelligence, UtilitY85 creates the optimal road map of the water value chain while protecting our resources.

Phygitalizing water systems, turning data into actionable knowledge

UtilitY85 optimises physical water management with digital solutions to ensure traceability of water. Leveraging innovative technologies to manage water network from production to distribution, marketing and reporting the entire process involved in managing water systems in rural and urban areas.

Optimising Water Value Chain

The UtilitY85 business service platform covers the entire production-distribution-commercialization continuum in the water sector. On every segment of the chain, it capacitates actors with a user-friendly solution allowing direct performance improvement and smoothing of value chain interactions and transactions.

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