About Us

UtilitY85 is built by MANOBI AFRICA, a pioneer in digital solutions for the agriculture, water and social development sectors in Africa. The company also invented the world’s first mobile phone based agricultural market information system used by smallholder farmers.

MANOBI AFRICA is an integrative value chain orchestrator, catalyzing the transformation and securement of African agriculture through intelligent phygital ecosystems which honorably include smallholder farmers, and at the forefront of innovation in the development of efficient and sustainable water distribution services, improving utilities capacity to deliver quality water to millions of people.

This legacy translates into multiple other solutions including location-based inventory services, surveying, digital trading services based on dematerialized payments and (geo)-tracking of transactions, streaming real-time data and metrics to customers on web and mobile.

UtilitY85 builds on the highly successful mWaterTM, conveying the aim to cap non-revenue water to 15% thus optimally producing and distributing water to 85% globally.

Our Team

Daniel Annerose


Cédric Champenois


Jacques K. Atohoun

Head of Production

Osias Noël Tossou

Lean Data Manager Phygital Transformation

Nikki Hsian Lee

Business Development Manager

Ahmed Ekoume


Léonce Akplogan

Deputy Manager UtiliTY85 benin

Rodrigue Adechi

utility85 expert

Henriette Foudohou

Assistante Administrative et Financière

Sédreack Hounkpe

Assistant Informatique

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